When is the best time to move?


It all depends upon your unique situation. The best time to move for you and your family may be dependent upon a home sale, conclusion of the school year or job transfer/acceptance. You should be aware that the highest demand for moving services occurs between May and September in addition to the last few days of each month year-round. If your preferred move dates fall during these times, we recommend you secure the moving service provider of your choice 6-8 weeks prior.


When should I begin to contact companies about my upcoming move?


It is a good idea to begin contacting moving companies as soon as you have made the decision to relocate. The estimate for services may be drafted even without your exact move dates provided you do not dispose of or purchase new items. This will allow you ample time to compare services offered by professional moving companies and make a decision at least 4-6 weeks prior to your desired move date (6-8 weeks during peak times).


What is an order for service?


All professional moving companies are required to prepare an order for service for every shipment transported by an individual. This is not a contract and should not be viewed as such. Should there be changes to move dates and/or the non-binding estimate, a new order for service will be prepared or the adjustments will be duly noted and attached. Both the shipper (you) and the mover must sign the document.


What is a non-binding estimate?


A non-binding estimate is the carrier’s approximation of the total costs associated with transporting your belongings. Depending upon the services you require, the estimate costs provided may or may not include packing/unpacking services, third-party services such as crating and disconnect/reconnects or additional ‘VIP’ level services. A non-binding estimate is not binding on the mover and is simply a means to provide an estimate to the shipper for budgeting purposes. The final cost will be based upon the actual weight of the shipment (long distance) or by a determined hourly rate (local).


How much do I tip the movers?


Tipping the actual movers is a common question that is constantly raised by shippers. Tips are purely contingent upon the level of service you receive. While a benchmark is typically $40-$60 per team to split amongst themselves, it is ultimately your decision based on your personal experience.


Are my goods adequately protected against loss or damage during transit?


Valuation options vary by moving company, therefore we recommend that you consider the options when you make a decision regarding your mover. The valuation options available are not insurance. If you are shipping high-valued items such as electronics and jewelry, we recommend that you secure insurance with your provider.


How do I move my pet?


You pet cannot travel on the moving van with your belongings. There are a number of options you may choose from and we encourage you to discuss these with your personal move coordinator.


What can I expect on moving day?


It is common to feel overwhelmed, nervous, and excited all at once on moving day, but rest assured, you can relax and leave all the hard work to your professional movers. Upon arrival, the movers will perform a walk-through of your home assessing your goods and determining the best approach. This is the time where you will need to answer any questions they may pose regarding your items. Once the movers have an initial plan for relocating your possessions, they will begin preparing your home by protecting floors, banisters, walkways, etc. Once the loading commences, the driver will record all items boarding the truck on the master inventory sheet which you will be required to sign after your belongings are loaded on the truck. In addition, you will also be required to sign the Bill of Lading and any other paperwork deemed necessary by your moving company.

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